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By visiting Investing In Happiness, you have already taken first steps towards a more enjoyable and fulfilling life. Not only are the next steps within your control...they're also pretty fun!! You will learn how to track and invest in the assets in your life that this difficult economy can't take away from you.

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Making a Statement

After reaching into your mailbox, you realize that your investment statement is on the top of the pile. Should you open it? If you're like most people these days, you hesitate. On one hand, you feel that you should be responsible and know how your investments are faring. On the other hand, you know it will just make you feel worse. What do you do?

Economists have long held the idea that we have multiple sources or types of capital in our life. We are all familiar with Financial capital - which includes the money on your investment statement. But we also have Human capital - the set of skills we have which increases our value in the marketplace, Family capital - the resources and skills of our family (who can help us when we need them), Spiritual capital - your faith - or your ability to connect to something larger than yourself (such as nature), and Social capital - our friends and connections outside of our family.

Why shouldn't those resources be a part of the statement you're opening? After all, when you look at the broader picture, there are less spikes up and down...and more importantly, the other types of capital are often more within your control and more rewarding than financial capital alone.